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Industrial Valve Manufacturer

Industrial Valves, Ahmedabad is a leading company having beyond compare domain expertise of valve fabrication. We fulfill almost kinds of valve applications in different industrial sectors with our great consistent series of valves like knife gate valve, butterfly valves, non-return valves, diaphragm valve, check valves and many more types of valves. Just about a half century experience of fabrication of industrial valves has earn us benevolence and appreciation as reputed massive series of valves manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India.

Our company has earned an enviable reputation due to excellence in manufacturering and exporting industrial valves under the brand name "FLOEC".

In different working environment in which the valve has to operate decide material that used in fabrication of valve. We supply a wide gamut of industrial valves made from hastelloy, alloy-20, forged steel, duplex steel, ductile iron, cast iron etc. We adhere to the ASME, API, DIN, BS or IS standards for all valves.

We serve customers from Pharma, Chemical, Petrochemicals Industry by supplying industrial valves at reasonable price. Our proficiency has been set to a benchmark for our ultimate valves thru rigorous and simple approach in focus on, quality, material of construction and delivery each time and in every process of manufacturing for our valued customers.

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Industrial Valves

Industrial Valve Manufacturer
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